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Atelier Nord ANX
24 october - 09 november 2014
Oslo. Norway


Most artists that work with video have an archive of unused material – footage that for one reason or another didn´t quite fit in, parts of projects that never quite worked, ideas that seemed good, but ended badly; small clips that arose by coincidence, without specific goals. The artists in Carousell have chosen to give up control of their respective archives and have given each other carte blanche to use each other’s material. This material, which the artists have exchanged in preparation for Videopersona, has a personal starting point; enabling Carousell to challenge established notions of artistic authorship and widen the creative possibilities within video through their exchange practice.

The process of giving up one´s own project has resulted in a number of interesting questions for the group – how much of the original project is recognizable in another artist´s end product? And perhaps even more importantly, who can be regarded as the author of the resulting work?



Photo: Felice Hapetzeder