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06 may - 04 june 2017
Stockholm. Sweden

The artist collective Carousell consists of the artists Felice Hapetzeder, Marit Lindberg, Henrik Lund Jørgensen and Kristina Kvalvik.

The four artists have worked together since 2012. All of them work with video, and Carousell arose from a discussion about the amounts of unused material that the artists for some reason were not able to make further use of. Would it be possible for them to take over each other´s material and by doing so approach it differently? They decided to challenge each other and themselves by handing over their recorded, but never used material to each other and rework the material into new works. The process soon led to new questions regarding authorship and artistic integrity.

The exhibition at Konstnärshuset will be the first larger presentation of Carousell in Stockholm. All the works that have emerged through the collaboration thus far will be shown here.

Following the suicide of his father Henrik Lund Jørgensen made several attempts to start new video works but he thought that they got too emotional in a way he did not find suitable in an artistic context.

Felice Hapetzeder's material is based on a childhood encounter with a person with links to Nazi Germany who suddenly turned up in Stockholm. The act of filming became a quick protective act revealing a repetition of the wordless shame of childhood of not being able to adequately respond to an abhorrent ideology.

Kristina Kvalvik filmed her surroundings for a period with an 8 mm camera. Although the footage was accumulated in a random fashion, it was shot at specific times and in areas possessing a unique beauty. The common thread throughout the material is the unpredictability of nature.

Marit Lindberg's material is comprised of private travel footage and art projects. Filmed initially as a side project to a larger filmic endeavour, it yearns to be transformed, and describes the encounter with a different culture from the perspective of the tourist's gaze.


Photo: Felice Hapetzeder