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Henrik Lund Jørgensen. 2017 (4:00)
(Marit Lindbergs material) 


The film Sans Soleil (1983) by Chris Marker was the first thing that came to mind when skimming the clips of Marit's material. With a hand-held camera, she follows new places and people around Asia, gathering around local attractions as the only reference point for community between travelers. Sometimes the term "the artist's artist" is discussed, and Chris Marker presumably belongs to this group of artists. Sans Soleil is a traveling journal come to life, and every attempt by a new artist to work in a similar way falls in the shadow of Sans Soleil. I found the temptation too great to resist, so I had to give this film format a try. I thought that I would consider the theme that always comes up when traveling as a visual artist: you want to describe what you see and put your impressions into perspective, but at the same time your own person blocks your work. The bottom line is that your own experiences of being in a new place is so confronting that it tinges what you see. A visual artist lives with a great theoretical and political consciousness and knows most of the pitfalls when describing other cultures than his own.