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The visit
Marit Lindberg. 2017 (4:30)
(Felice Hapetzeder video archive) 


Felice's film shows two men in a car. One surreptitiously films the other, appearing only in the rearview mirror. The elder of the two has travelled from Austria to visit the younger in Stockholm. They converse in German. The material is so emotionally charged for Felice that he hasn't even watched it since filming it. (He was the cameraman.)

The man behind the wheel was a soldier in Hitler's army; that is, not simply an adverse observer of the Second World War, but an active participant. It is Uncle Kurti, at whose home Felice spent his childhood summers.

I think of the short film Mormor, Hitler och jag (Grandma, Hitler and I) by Carl Johan de Geer, which describes how he realized that his beloved grandmother, the only one who represented safety and stability in his childhood, was a nazi, and a very proud one at that.