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4:3 Standard Definition
Felice Hapetzeder. 2015 (6:16 min)
(Marit Lindbergs material)


The focus in the material selected from Marit's and my own work for 4:3 Standard Definition lies in things that took place in the public realm. It's a flashback to an outdated video format, as well as a period in our lives (as artists). The emerging narrative is fragmented, but one theme recurs ever more frequently as the film progresses: images of the reactions to a national tragedy; the public demonstrations of mourning after the murder of Anna Lindh in 2003, that itself hurled Sweden back to the nightmare of 1986 and the unexplained murder of Olof Palme. Informal memorials arose as collective actions in the cities. Mourning came out of the shadows as collective demonstrations in central areas of Stockholm, just as they did in innumerable other places and times before and after.


4:3 Standard Definition. Kuben. Nässjö Konsthall. 2014