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Kolossen på Prora
Marit Lindberg. 2014 (5:36)
(Henrik Lund Jørgensen video archive) 


Some of Henrik's material is filmed in Prora, Rügen, in northern Germany, where Hitler began building an enormous hotel complex in 1939. The idea was for German workers to experience seaside living during holidays (Kraft durch Freude/Strength through Joy). The hotel complex is 4.5 km long. Because the Second World War broke out, it was never completed. When the war was over, the half-finished building was taken over by Soviet troops, Eastern German military and others. Since the fall of the Wall in 1989, discussions have been ongoing about the 'Colossus of Prora.' Until recently, no-one knew how to approach the location and its history. What should be done with this historic building that was never completed and now stood, falling increasingly to ruin? Attempts were made to blast it into smaller pieces, but the well-constructed houses could not be blown up.