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Pieces of a past
Kristina Kvalvik. 2017 (5:00)
(Kristina Kvalvik video archive) 


Pieces of a Past is composed of various film clips that in turn create new landscapes and formations. The film is both dreamlike and absurd. The footage dwells on memories and is full of nostalgia. Parts of an imagined past are divided into a number of sequences on the screen that in tandem form a completed landscape.

I shot the footage with an 8 mm camera over an extended period of time. The Super 8 camera was the first pocket camera and made it possible for people to make home movies. Here, the camera is turned towards the ocean, and the feeling of being on the water is seen through a grainy aesthetics. I wanted to capture the expectations to such a mythical landscape. The footage I had shot was fragmentary, and in the completed film each frame consists of four takes.



Pieces of a Past. Konstnärshuset. Stockholm. Sweden. 2017