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The Word
Henrik Lund Jørgensen. 2017 (18:30)
(Henrik Lund Jørgensen video archive) 


In December 2005, I graduated from Malmö Art Academy. In May 2006, my father died. An artistic crisis went hand in hand with a personal crisis, and during the next two years I tried to handle the two situations. Everything I worked on artistically was directed towards the thought of what suicide is all about. This resulted in a line of non-completed video works. The challenge was that the works became too personal, and that the footage to a certain extent came across as a personal documentary rather than a visual art work with a reigning concept. In some way, I could take these experiences and parts of the theme with me to my future visual art work but not until I had let go of the concerns about my ability to complete them. When I began the collaboration on Carousell in 2012, the incomplete attempts came into play again. Two failed shootings made up my contribution to the Carousell-pool. One project depicted a journey from the area in Denmark, where I grew up, to Prora at Rügen in Germany. The other project contained scenes from various destinations at the North Sea area in Denmark. Common for the two projects was that they had as their starting-point the journeys I had taken with my father.