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Sorry, I Have To Leave To Norway
Henrik Lund Jørgensen. 2014 (8:00)
(Kristina Kvalvik video archive) 


At the time of writing, I am in Lofoten. Something just dawned on me. This is the place where Kristina Kvalvik filmed with an 8-mm camera—shots which later became the raw material for Carousell. For my part, my stay in Lofoten turned into the work Sorry, but I have to leave for Norway. The landscape of Lofoten is as unreal as Kristina's images. Or just as realistic I might say. The place is beyond my imagination. Being in Lofoten is like stepping into a photo collage. I look at mountains, gaze out to sea and experience the northern lights, and I have never seen nature as spectacular as this. When I move about in the area, I believe I can recognize some of the scenes from the editing table. Locating the sites of the various shoots turns into a game. But what strikes me the most is the synchronicity of writing the work Sorry, but I have to leave for Norway while actually being in the pictures physically.