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Marit Lindberg. 2015 (7:30)
(Kristina Kvalvik video archive) 


Kristina contributed a super 8 film. The picture is rosetinted and overexposed, the camera held with an unsteady hand. A nostalgic, romantic feeling is easy to read in the fragile images. Henrik was first to receive the material. Instead of watching the film beforehand, he chose to start by watching one scene at a time and writing down his impressions immediately afterward; without having seen the whole film or knowing how it would end, he wrote a little bit at a time. The text is white and in the middle of the screen. This isn't a film about what is on the screen, even if that is precisely what is being described. Instead, it's a film about associations, impulses and thoughts that have been written down intuitively. As a viewer, I must relate to the film, Henrik's text, and my own attempts to understand connections and associations while at the same time considering what it is about the images that gives rise to those associations.